3 years ago

Halloween Carnival Game Ideas

Bean Bag Toss

You can use plywood or cardboard to paint a scene or a jack-o-lantern. Using three bean bags, each player must try to get one through one of the holes in the board. For those that do, they get a special prize. If you would pre read more...

3 years ago

Can I freeze leftover Halloween candy?

You can freeze chocolate and gummy candy, some stuff like jelly beans might thaw odd. I did it one time and they were grainy. Depending on the type of chocolate, it may turn lighter in color, but it's still good/safe.

3 years ago

Trick Or Treat? Organizing Tricks For Halloween

Halloween has changed dramatically since I was a little girl. Then, Halloween was asking Mom for an old sheet or raiding her fabric stash and then fashioning my own costume with lots of

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